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Hi Everyone

It's with much pleasure that we reveal our Member Award winners for August!

Please join us in thanking and congratulating every one of these people for their positive & valuable contributions to our community.

Guild Champion Winner:


Not only did Pain donate a mountain load of gil, to enable us to have 4 attempts at our FC house (instead of just one attempt) as well as helping us with the FC house purchase attempt itself, but he's also crafted countless valuable pieces of gear for the FC. Even though he's no longer an officer, he has continued to be helpful, and generous with both his time and gil, in a constant effort to help Alith to grow & progress in the game. Positive, friendly, fun-loving, he continues to prove that he's a loyal, dedicated, and super helpful member of the community. In our opinion, he's done more than enough to earn September's Free Company Champion Award.

Above & Beyond Winners:


I would like to nominate Ilya as one of the most helpful persons in our fc. As well he seems to know everything about the game.
always willing to explain stuff about the game

Serene Aari

Welcoming, helpful, and very active member in the FC and beyond!
Serene continues to be super-helpful and active in the FC

Liara Nova

Liara is very friendly and helpful. He helps out with dungeons, makes the runs more fun with his positive presence, gives useful advice and is active in FC chat.
Another very popular member, very helpful, positive and upbeat in FC chat

Elena Redhands

For always being willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to crafting! And also stocking the fc chest with usefull things

Liana Darr

She helped me throughout leveling whenever i needed to do a dungeon , and even shared her house with me when i wanted to colour my chocobo

Gin'sae Wakai

Gin and Liana have been nothing short of wonderful, going out of their way to help out, and for always being good people, which is a rarity a lot of the time. they've absolutely been shining members of this community in my eyes.

Rhaegar Oakenshield

Rhaegar has always been a friendly approachable chap, and went out of his way and stuck his hand in his pocket to make sure I was all geared up for gathering and crafting, and has been teaching me about it as we go

Sam Bravado

has basically been with me every step of the game's story when it comes to dungeons and trials, so I know what on earth i'm doing when a dragon is trying to eat my face (which is nice) and has been a patient teacher to an idiot like myself and others whenever he joins folks


for organising the fun Diadem raids to help introduce guildies to it and show them the ropes

Painprovider, Badgirly and Cael

for working so well with Nashu in coordinating our FC House Strike! All the preparation, planning and dedication to giving us our best shot, should be appreciated! As well as Pain for being so generous with his Gil and helping us to have enough money for 4 attempts simultaneously and Badgirly for sacrificing her own house in order to help us secure our own FC house and placing the winning bid.

Party Animal Winners:

Gith Willer

for being awesome on Alith-Cast


for being awesome on Alith-Cast

Ilya Dalamiq

for being a kind helpful and very pleasant person

Dazzling Minivogue

For giving us Lalas a voice and being our new spokes-Lala for taking over Eorzea
For always talking to folks when they're on and keeping our FC a fun and friendly place
Always fun in FC chat and on Discord - helping to keep a collective smile on the FC's face..
for being an evil Lala

Argasar Moks

For being active, funny and positive in the FC chat, always willing to help out with roulettes and just an overall very fun person to be around.
for being a funny evil Lala

Liana Darr

For always talking to folks when they're on and keeping our FC a fun and friendly place

Brinna Redwood

Zael'a Lion

Liedwin Mornin'Glory

For being the most cheerful person


for the same reason as Zenshi & Gith, for bringing back the fun & excitement of Alith-Cast!

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